Conditional Content WooCommerce Extension

Product Description

WooCommerce Conditional Content Extension:

One of the most powerful extension ever developed for WooCOmmerce. Now you can show your desired content anytime and anywhere using this extensions. These are dynamic contents which are predefined in your admin dashboard. WooCOmmerce Conditional contents allows you to show predefined messages when your criterias are met and you have control where and when to show these messages.

Some of the most basic usage of this extension includes showing a message to your customer when he is trying to purchase the item which is going to be on sale shortly. Also if you use dynamic pricing model, you can show them message about adding more product to get discount. Not only limited to above examples, you can define various rules and use them as you want. You can show message when item is about to get out of stock, certain categories product added to cart, customer or role specific contents.

This extension will greatly encourage your visitors to take all benefits of your store’ offers and they will be encouraged to use your services repeatedly. They will also receive individualized experience which will have great impact on their partnership with you as a customer. This extension is pre bundled with many predefined criteria and after installation will be sufficient to start your ideas. Latter you can always create more complex criteria to make your woocommerce store even more exciting and attractive.

Composite Products WooCommerce Extension

Product Description

WooCommerce Composite Products Extension:

Woocommerce composite product will enhance your product display by intelligently bundling the items as per your criteria. With the use of this extension, you can create kits instead of selling single items and display them along on single product page and give your customers more choices. This extension is very easy to use and you can create hundred and thousands of product kits using this tool. But it will not change your customer experience in any way.

On installation for the first time, WooCommerce Composite Products will map all your product. On single product edit screen you will be allowed to define various composite product kits. You can even define rules to create these kits dynamically.  Your customer will love to have extra options while selecting item. They will be presented with various kits during purchase and those who are interested can take advantage of tailor made kits by simply selecting them.

You can define many rules for each products like minimum and maximum quantities of each product, single page display or multipage display, and so on. If you feel that your product kits are static and not dynamic, you will be better using a another nice plugin woocommerce called WooCommerce Bundles plugin which works almost similarly except they do not support dynamic generation of kits.

Checkout Field Editor WooCommerce Extension

Product Description

The woocommerce checkout field editor is a amazing tool that will completely change the way you handle customers in future. Have ever noticed that Checkout Page on WooCOmmerce Store by default is missing many things and many a times providing unnecessary fields. Many a times, checkout page plays an important role in buying experience and each buying experience makes customer a repeat purchaser or leave your site without purchase.

For example, if you are selling a digital or virtual product and during checkout if you ask all sorts of details like postal address, shipping address, pin codes, telephone numbers etc., Your customer will be unhappy as these fields are totally useless. What you need is just Name, Email Address and Country if you want for your reference. We at WooGang also use Checkout Field Editor and if you see our checkout page it is simple and clutter free.

WooCommerce Checkout Field Editor brings you these function. You can edit each and every element on Checkout page. In drag and drop interface, you can remove fields, change their positions, change display size and so on. If you want to add any extra field apart from what WooCommerce provides, you can do so as well.

Another example of utility of this powerful extension is that if you are selling product using Paypal, you can simply remove shipping address fields and take shipping address directly from Paypal. By this way your checkout page becomes compact, Customer will have to fill up less details and ultimately it will reduce cart abandonment.

Checkout Addons WooCommerce Extension

Product Description

WooCommerce Checkout Addons Extension

WooCommerce Checkout Addons Extension has been specifically developed to add more features to woocommerce checkout process and make it more interactive for your customers. It is also a very powerful tool that will allow you to offer similar products to your customer. Basically Woocommerce Checkout Addons will give you control over what your customer will see on checkout page.

Simplest example of this extension is suppose if you want to offer free items with your mani products. Suppose if you are selling Pizza and want to offer fee catch up, you can set up in woocommers. Your customer will see all free free products you offer along with main item and select them if they wish to receive them. This feature is not limited to just free items but you can offer paid services as well.

For example, if you are selling electronic items and along with you want to sell insurance or warranty service. You can show this options to your customer on checkout page and if your customer wishes to avail these services, they can choose and that will be automatically added to their checkout.

Plugin gives you full control over design of your checkout options and gives you feature of selecting radio button, checkbox or dropdowns. Also it will add section in your orders list in dashboard and in the order management page for you to easily follow orders and respond accordingly. One of the important feature is that it is also compatible with subscriptions.

Chained Products WooCommerce Extension

Product Description

WooCommerce Chained Products Extension :

Chained Products is a good alternative to product bundles and composite product extension if you are looking for simple yet powerful solution for selling multiple products in combination. After installation you can create combo product from any combination of simple or downloadable products. You also can chain as many products a you want.

You can give special discount if they purchase combo rather than single products and this will enhance your selling volume. After installation, you can easily add new chained product as usual like creating simple products and latter on chain other products to them as needed or preferred.

Cardstream Gateway WooCommerce Extension

Product Description

WooCommerce Cardstream gateway Extension: CardStream’s affordable online payment gateway enables your business to accept all major payment methods and credit and debit cards, including Diners, MasterCard, Visa, Amex, Maestro and JCB.

On your store, when an order is placed by a customer, the customer is taken to CardStream to make a secure payment. After the customer completes their payment the order is confirmed and the user is taken to the thank you page on your site.

Catalog Visibility WooCommerce Extension

Product Description

Woocommerce Catalog Visibility Options:

This is one of the most unique feature of woocommerce that you can use it to showcase your portfolio or catalog of product which are yet not ready for sale. This will give you an opportunity to showcase your products to future buyers which will give you idea about popularity of product before it goes for sale. Hence WooCommerce Catalog Visibility Options is perfect for all who wishes to display just products and hide all other woocommerce elements.

WooCommerce Catalog Visibility Options is packed with features like never before. Yes, remove prices, add to cart button, buy now button and even cart from your woocommerce store. Many may be thinking then why to use woocommerce. Amazing thing about this is you can simply put them on sale whenever you want with just simple flick.

Woocommerce Catalog Visibility Options: Why you need it

Just to give an example, i had one product which i was about to introduce after making investment of around $1000. But before that i wanted to know is it worth investing and weather others are interested in buying this product from me? We just used this extension to showcase that product on our page and we realized that our investment will be recovered in just a one day.

This plugin can be a very good companion with Pre order Extension which will also allow other to pre order item you are showcasing. Further this extension also allows you to define whom to show prices, buttons and whom to not. This way you can restrict prices to be shown to only logged in users and not guest or vice verse. As a result we highly recommend WooCommerce Catalog Visibility Options to all our artist customers and see if it increases their revenue by beautifully displaying their artworks.

Woocommerce Catalog Visibility Options: Key Features

  • Gives you ability to hide Add to Cart button hence you can control who can purchase
  • Gives you ability to hide price display so you can communicate with users and decide prices
  • Control when to hide them and when to show them hence you are always clicks away from changes
  • Show or Hide based on location of visitor
  • Show or hide based on User role
  • Can be used as Membership plugin
  • Compatible with all WooCommerce Extensions so you can use it with other extensions without worry

Cart Notices WooCommerce Extension

Product Description

WooCommerce Cart Notices Extension

WooCommerce Cart Notices: When your customer has added a item in your cart means he has a clear intent to purchase ite and has completed almost 30% of process. Targetting any customer at that point of time to upsell another product or to encourage them to buy upgraded product will definitely have some impact on decision and may benefit you.

WooCommerce Cart Notices comes with great amount of flexibility and gives you many options to play with and experiment to see which works best for you. For example, if customer has already purchased product worth $50 and if you have free shipping for $75, you can inform your customer by showing this notice to your buyer. So this extension allows you to define notice based on total amount. Similarly you can decide to show notice when certain product is in the cart or when you have a great offer which is expiring soon.

Further you can decide to show notice based on product category or even as per referrer. There are many examples of its usage and we would love to hear from you your innovative way of using the same. You can define any number of notices and also prioritize them so that your customer is not ended up with many notices in front of him.

Cart Reports WooCommerce Extension

Product Description

WooCommerce Cart Reports Extension:

The WooCommerce Cart Reports extension is an excellent tool to keep an eye on your abandon cart details. Abandon carts are the major issue for any web store and if we can convert these carts into checkout, we will be able to increase our revenue by 50%. At WooGang we have noticed that around our 50% of cart never reaches checkout and hence we miss the opportunity. We decided to give it a try to WooCOmmerce Cart Reports and boom… Our cart conversation rate has doubled in just few days.

WooCOmmerce Cart Reports extension lets you see all abnadon carts in back end with all details you require like products in the cart, email address of customer and so on.. Than you can follow them up with required steps or even coupon codes to encourage them to complete the cart. You can also track how many carts have been recovered and so on..

You do not require any technical know how, just simply install the plugin and configure basic settings which are very simple and self explanatory. In just 5 minutes you will start getting cart abandonment details on your report page.

Cart Addons WooCommerce Extension

Product Description

woocommerce product addons plugin

WooCommerce Cart Addons: Not happy with customer buying only one item from your woocommerce store? Want to increase sells by offering your customer various other deals and offers at card page? This extension is one of the best to achieve results. It is a simple concept but will definitely work.

For example if you are selling mobile phones on your store. A customer comes to your website and adds it to the cart. When customer reaches to cart page, he sees three more products. One is a otterbox case for that mobile phone, screen protector and headphone. Now it is very likely that as your customer is purchasing mobile phone, he will be purchasing these three for sure. So if you can offer them in a single purchase, he will be more than happy to purchase from you.

WooCommerce Cart Addons will allow you to define fixed products to show at cart page or you can choose to show products depending on their category or you can manually select which products to show for each product. In simple terms it is called up sell and cross sell and has been proven to increase your sales. You have control when to show and what to show plus you can prioritize weather to show global product, category product or random products.