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WooCommerce Paypal Adaptive Payments Extension

WooCommerce Paypal Adaptive Payments :  WooCommerce comes bundeled with some of the most basic payment gateways including Paypal standard which is sufficient for almost all individual sellers but if you are planning too have some advanced payment functions you may be requiring to purchase host of various other payment gateway extensions available either on WooThemes or Codecanyon. Things get more complicated if you are a store owner and various other sellers are selling on your store. In this case you receive the money and that you will be required to send money to owner of product or individual seller.

Paypal is world’s biggest and safest payment gateway and majority of store owners including WooThemes. Paypal has a host of payment gateway options like simple payments, payments for digital goods, paypal express checkout, paypal advanced and paypal pro but very few knows about Paypal Adaptive Payments feature. This is one of the most powerful functions being offered by Paypal. For example, if you are a store owner and want to offer opportunity to sellers to sell their item on your store, this option will give you upper edge as it has function to share payments between you and seller or offer commissions simultaneously. Plus your seller will have trust on you because of Paypal.

WooCOmmerce Paypal Adaptive Payments will give you empower to receive various kind of payments like parallel payment or chained payments on your website. These two are bit different in their functionality and you can read more about them on Paypal’s official website. Set up is very easy but you need to have approved App for Paypal Developer center to use this payment gateway. After you have approved app, you will be able to customize each of your products for sharing revenue with seller or developer of product.

Current version:1.1.11
Last updated:2019-08-13