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WooCommerce Advanced Notifications

Allow multiple parties to receive email notifications about stock and new


WooCommerce Advanced Notifications will allow WooCommerce store owners to set up stock order notifications for your staff, vendors and distributors or anybody you want to notify about stock quantities in your WooCommerce store.

Simple Setup

In the Advanced Notifications extension you create the recipient and add their email address. Once you have created your recipient you can assign when a notification will be sent.

Notifications can be sent for:

  • Low stock
  • No stock
  • Back-orders
  • New orders

With WooCommerce Advanced Notifications extension you have complete control of when and what notices get sent to any recipient.

You can restrict notices to:

  • Products in a category
  • Products with a shipping class
  • Per product

WooCommerce Advance Notifications can be configured to NOT send information that is not necessary such as, pricing and order totals etc.

Current version:1.4.1
Last updated:2023-02-15