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WooCommerce Advanced Product Labels

WooCommerce Advanced Product Labels :

WooCommerce can display various splash on your product by default but it has very limited functionality. For example, woocommerce has new and sale flash already inbuilt but lack lots of other great features that a product label can offer. There are manay examples where you want to have flexibility to create and design your own product labels. Say for example, you would like to display NEW label to each of your products released in last month or you would like to display release of product in your special collection or anything else you can imagine.

Giving your products meaningful classification using this advanced product labels will have a great impact on your buyers and will give more insight to them regarding various products you have without actually reading its description. In simple terms, these labels are like tags but with visual presentation. Further WooCommerce Advanced Product Labels is so powerful that you have total control over its design, style and alignments. You can also have fixed criteria depending on which labels will be automatically applied to global products and along with that you can also apply label to each and every single product. This can be done very easily using edit product screen on your store.

While editing product label using WooCommerce Advanced Product Labels, you will see live preview of product display in the background and this will give you exact control of how it looks in backend.

Current version:1.3.0
Last updated:2024-03-14