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Product Description

Account Funds can permit your customers to deposit funds into their accounts so that you’ll be able to reward them with discounts.

Build your loyal customer base by allowing your customers to fund their accounts.

The Account Funds extension helps build customer loyalty and repeat business by ensuring your customers only spend their money at your store. You can reward them by offering exclusive discounts when they pay with an account balance, encouraging their use.

This plugin is adaptable to the real mechanics of your shop, so it also works with partial payments. long-term future!

Why use the balance on the account?

  • It allows customers to top up their account balance with an amount between the limits you set.
  • Customers can use their deposited funds to pay for new orders in your store.
  • The store manager can offer discounts to customers who use the balance on the account to further incentivize them.
  • Mixed payment methods are allowed if the balance on the account does not cover the order amount.
  • Detailed reports to track statistics and usage rate of account funds.
  • Deposited funds can be refunded.
  • The store admin can check and edit the balance of each registered customer in the store.

Increase the average order value and make it recurrent

Account Funds could be a terribly great tool for making methods that are meant to extend your average order value. Once there’s some information gathered regarding the median and average order value, one amongst of} the most objectives with our shoppers in terms of sales is to create this variety go up. it always depends on the kind of merchandise and services you sell and therefore the buyer’s profile however if every consumer spends a lot of per sale, you’ve got more area to plug higher your products, invest cash in your processes or rent a lot of workers!

For that reason, you’ll be able to set and live the impact of larger or smaller discounts once shoppers pay with their store funds. Moreover, by setting a minimum quantity to indefinite quantity the account beyond your most bought product, clients can have a much bigger incentive to pay more in your shop. However, you need to watch out regarding this, high minimum amounts will make your clients reluctant to use Account Funds.

Get the info you need

Visibility is key for you to take the best decisions for your shop, that’s why we include reports where you can find and filter the information you need about how much is spent in your store using Account Funds. Moreover, you can see the funds that each client has and edit it manually.

Current version:2.9.1
Last updated:2023-04-13