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WooCommerce Nested Category layout Extension

WooCommerce Nested Category layout: WooCommerce has very well defined templates for almost every aspect of any shop. Like there is a shop page and there is  a category page apart from single product pages. Now when you go to category pages, there is a option to show subcategories and products. Just think when you have multiple subcategories, display looks messy and your customer need to navigate one step more to reach its destined product.

WooCommerce Nested Category Layout uses a very simple concept and breaks category page using subcategories and show all products in that subcategory together just below it.  This will avoid one step for any buyer and may increase your retention. One of the study recently proved that when your actual items are deep burried on your website, you loose nearly 50% of your sales. If you use this extension, your items will be visible directly on category page giving you more probability of sale.

Many of you may be worried about messing with theme code to display this feature but WooCommerce Nested Category Layout will take care of everything. It will perfectly display your products in different style on your category page and you will never have to deal with theme coding.

Current version:1.19.0
Last updated:2023-06-29