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WooCommerce Wishlists Extension:

Wishlists have been long used by many huge online retailers like Amazon. Recently there have been many studies done for increasing customer retenton and repeat purchases and offering Wishlist services have been proved very vital in the same. WooCommerce Wishlists extensions will add a new functionality in your woocommerce store by allowing customers or visitors to add your products in their wishlist.

By providing this facility, you are ultimately increasing your web presence and also increasing possibilities of selling product by email marketing. I would personally recommend to force visitors to open an account before adding item to wishlist. Hence you will be able to see who has how many products in their wishlist and you can offer them incentives to purchase them if you want.

Also allowing them to share their wishlist with their near and dear ones through social media will be an added advantage and will make your woocommerce store go viral over there. You can also use various marketing strategies like coupons, emails to enhance your conversation rate and take full advantage of this extension.

After installation which is very simple and straight forward, you can customize almost everything starting from text to button colors and messages that will be shared on social media. As such front end design will automatically fits with other element of your theme but you have capability to change them from backend whenever you wish. While changing design, make sure you use custom css so that whenever you update theme, you will not loose your customizations.

Current version:2.2.10
Last updated:2023-04-05