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WooCommerce Wishlist Member Integration Extension

WooCommerce Wishlist Member Integration :  Wishlist is one of the best membership plugin ever developed for WordPress and has been used by many big membership websites. If you look at powerful wordpress function along with Wishlist Member plugin, you will be amazed with simplicity of integration and power of huge amount of extra features they offer when combined together.

But have you ever required to integrate Wishlist Member with woocomemrce? If yes, we have a very good news for you. Just grab a copy of this extension and this will make integration process like a breeze. Combining selling digital product alng with features of Wishlist Member function will give you great power and control over how you display your products to your customers.

On the back end you can define various membership levels and using this levels you can offer various kind of content based on customer levels. Once you have defined levels, just go straight to most simple setup page where you can define Wishlist Member integration process and once that is achieved, you are ready to create your first membership product. What is more important is that it uses the same payment gateways which are defined in Woo Commerce and hence no extra plugins are required.

This plugin can be a very good alternative to WooComemrce Subscription extension which is one of the costliest membership extension developed for woocomemrce.

Current version:2.5.2
Last updated:2017-08-03