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WooCommerce Waitlist Extension

WooCommerce Waitlist Extension :  For every woocomemrce store owner, handling out of stock item is bit difficult task and no one likes to loose customer due to unavailability of item. And it is even more difficult if your domain name is difficult to remember. As after few days may be your customer have forgotten on which website he/she has seen the item and ultimately may never reach back to you in future.

If you see any major online shopping portals like Amazon, Ebay or XYZ, you will find that they usually do not remove their listing even if they do not have stock and instead they offer option to buyer to get notified when items become available. WooCommerce Waitlist Extension has been developed with similar functionality in mind and serves its purpose perfectly. So when your store is out of stock for some item, it will display option where customer can enter their email address for getting notification when item becomes available. On the back end you have great reporting feature as well which will give you required stats regarding how many customers have registered for notification and based on those stats you will be able to make important decision to procure items.

As such set up is extremely easy and for most of us it should work out of the box but if you are developer, there are plenty of hooks and filters which can help you extend functionality of this plugin as well.

Current version:2.4.6
Last updated:2024-03-14