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WooCommerce Twilio SMS Notifications Extension

WooCommerce Twilio SMS Notifications: We all know power of emails and various plugins we have for using email as communication tool for woocommerce. But things are changing very fast and with the recent developments on mobile communication, we can not ignore importance of mobile phones. We believe that SMS will be the most simple way of communication with equal importance now a days.

Twilio is one of the leading cloud based communication service provides which is also proving buld SMS services in more than 35 countries and their charges are very less as well. Few of our customer demanded us to include SMS extensions in our club and today we will be adding two of them- Twilio and Clockwork. WooCommerce Twilio SMS Notification is one of the best we tested. It helps you receive SMS for each new order you receive as well as send your customer SMS regarding any change in order status. Fuether from backend, you can easily create and send new sms to your customer from order management screen. Also you can see logs of all sms sent using this extension in reporting screen.

For using WooCOmmerce Twilio SMS Notifications, you need to have active account at Twilio and need to configure your extension with accurate Auth ID/ API key provided by them. You will incur charges for sending SMS and for that please check Twilio website for rates.

Current version:1.17.0
Last updated:2022-12-02