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WooCommerce Tickets Extension

WooCommerce Tickets: WooComemrce was a difficult utility to sell event tickets untill launch of WooCommerce Tickets addon for Event calendar pro and has been the most asked feature. Also woothemes team was hard at working and making it possible as this was the only area where woocomemrce has a set back.

But the end is over now. WooCommerce Tickets is here. And with the current version above 3.0 it is becoming even powerful and robust system than before. Using this extension, you can now take full control over management of your event and there is no need to approach any third party to help you sell your event tickets. Everything starting from selling tickets, sending and printing tickets to email marketing for your event is now possible from your own website. You just need to have WooCommerce Tickets installed on your website.

It also comes with great features like possibility of creating multiple types of tickets, premium charging for certain types of tickets and fully customizable tickets printing. You can also customize header, content and add barcodes or QR codes as per your requirements. Also comes with powerful analysis and reporting feature to give in depth knowledge about your event for better management of it.

Current version:3.12.1
Last updated:2016-09-16