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WooCommerce Tabs Manager Extension

WooCOmmerce comes with three tabs by default- description, reviews and attributes. There are many extensions available which will help you adding extra tabs on product page like facebook comments, image gallery, videos etc.. But have you ever required to add your own tab with specific contents. Here is a perfect solution for you. WooCommerce Tabs Manager is a perfect solution for you, it will allow you to add as many tabs as you want and display them on your product page.

WooCommerce tabs Manager comes with two different functions-  First it adds Global Tab settings which is useful if you want to add extra tabs to all your product pages. Second it also allows you to add extra tabs on each product individually. In single product edit screen, you will find TAB sub panel in Product data box. From there you can override default tabs settings. You can remove, add and rearrange your tabs as per your requirements.

If you are using other extensions like woocommerce video tab or facebook comment tab, they will be identified as well and you will be able to control their view and orders from single product edit page. Custom tabs also comes with wordpress text editor and hence you can design content according to your requirements. You can also use shortcodes from other plugins or wordpress iteself into it and most of the time, it will work just perfectly.

WooGang Club, extensively uses Tabs Manager Extension and uses them for variety of functions. We loved it and so you as well.

Current version:1.15.0
Last updated:2022-12-01