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WooCommerce Table Rate Shipping Extension

it is by far the best WooCommerce Shipping Assistant extension for any webstore owner. WooCommerce now has many good shipping extensions. Most of the individual carriers have their own extension bundle as well. But WooCommerce Table rate shipping extension makes it possible to create various shipping rules for any carrier. You can even define most complex ones as well. You can further classify the according to type of product, shipping method, weight, dimension and country of shipment. You can even create multiple shipping rules and multiple shipping rates using this powerful extension.

Though, from first impression we have found out that setting is bit complicated. This is because every store and product is different and has different shipping policies. This extension is created with the fact that every store has different and unique requirements. Hence you can create almost any type of shipping rule. So out of 100 almost 99.99 times it will fulfill your requirement.

WooCommerce Table Rate Shipping Extension will suite almost all woocommerce stores

Installation is very fast and seamless. After installation, create your shipping rules. Once customer adds items in the cart, this extension will identify various parameters like country, item and packing requirement and according to rule suited will show them shipping options and rates. You can also set up countries where you do not ship and hence customer will be prevented from completing checkout for the same.

With this extensions you will be able to create shipping zones. Furthermore you will be able to go down below till zip codes to set up rules. In conclusion, this is the most powerful feature of this plugin.

WooCommerce Table Rate Shipping Extension: Advanced Shipping Features List

  • You can add and define multiple shipping zones.
  • You can use different calculator for different rules for product, size, weight.
  • Comes with user friendly settings screen in WooCommerce settings.
  • You can defines as many rates and rules as you wish.
  • Comprehensive picture tutorials available at WooCommerce website.
Current version:3.1.7
Last updated:2024-03-20