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WooCommerce Stripe Payment Gateway:

WooCommerce Stripe Payment Gateway: Stripes is one of the most powerful payment gateway after Paypal and has been growing very fast and spreading in various countries very fast. Thogh it is still not available to all countries, you can find it in almost all major countries the the world. WooCOmmerce Stripe Payment Gateway Extension makes integration of woocommerce with stripes seamless and easy task. You need to just install the extension and you are all set to take advantage of Stripes API.

Best part of Stripe is that it is already having wide presence. Also you do not pay for opening the account or there is no monthly fees. They will only charge you if you get paid and fees are lower than majority of Payment Gateways. In Paypal, customer leaves your website for payment while with stripes, you can start taking payments using most of the credit cards and debit cards on your own website. So customer will never leave your site and it will increase customer trust and satisfaction on your website. Stripe also process all payments in weekly basis so you do not have to wait to get your money in your hand.

Other cool feature of WooCommerce Stripe Payment Gateway is that it comes with inbuilt support for Subscriptions extension so that you can also use this payment gateway for selling items with recurring payments. Like Paypal, Stripes also creates customer account during checkout, so that customer will never have to fill up credit card details for reusing stripe in future.

Once you have installed the plugin, you need to enter few details in settings page like secret key and publisher key. You can also use Stripe in test mode so that you can be sure that customer will be able to complete whole transaction using this method. Tis will require you to set up test mode using test secret key and publisher key.

Current version:4.1.15
Last updated:2019-03-12