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WooCommerce Store Credit Extension

WooCommerce Store Credit: When it comes to using a appropriate marketing strategy for your online store, there has been many discussions and arguments against all strategies. What we have observed over a period of time from the experience at WooGang woocommerce store is that it is just an expriment that will teach you the best way to market your online store. Till now we have used many of the strategies and best one that has wordked for us the sticky offer bar at our homepage.

We have also used WooCommerce Store Credits for nearly one moth and have noticed that it is not for websites like us who are selling digital products. Basic concept in this extension is that you send your customers a kind of gift voucher with store credits which they can use for their future purchases. For example if you send the 10 USD store credit, they will be able to purchase any item below 10$ using store credit and remaining credit will stay as it is but if they purchase more expensive item and use store credit, they will have to pay remaining amount using any preferred payment gateway.

You can directly send them store credits from woocommerce thanks to cool function that has been added by this extension.

Current version:4.3.1
Last updated:2023-03-14