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WooCommerce Store Catalog PDF Download

WooCommerce Store Catalog PDF Download Extension :  WooCommerce is as such has great product display features and has many extensions to customize how your visitors see your product on your webstore. But there was a growing demand for adding feature that will let you offer product catalog to your visitors. WooCommerce Store Catalog PDF Download lets achieve same for your web store.

Suppose you have large numbers of product and sometimes it becomes tedious for your visitors to browse them one by one. That not only consumes data but most importantly their precious time. Also this can reduce your conversion rate as well. NOw using this extension, you can create a PDF catalog of all your items and allow your visitor to download it and see it offline or print them if required.

Not only that, it also offers dynamic PDF generation to visitor if they need to download catalog of a product they are looking at. It has some nice features like header and footer addition in case of dynamic catalog with link back to your website in PDF. So now you have power of displaying your items in a great new way and many of your customer may choose to browse catalog rather than website and may help you increase conversion rate.

Current version:2.1.1
Last updated:2023-03-27