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Woocommerce Stamps.Com API Extension

Woocommerce Stamps.Com API Extension is yet another great shipping extension developed for woocomemrce. Stamps.Com is a very popular webservice which offers seamless access to shipping rates and availability of one of the biggest shipping service- USPS. According to few months data avialable on Stamps.Com website, more than 500000 sellers are using its services and is currently the largest service provider for USPS.

So any seller using USPS as their preferred shipping carries, stamps.com provide host of services from accessing rates, printing labels and tracking. Using this cool tool developed for WooCommerce, you will be able to get all these in your woocommerce dashboard and this will make your life more simple and organized as a seller. Stamps.Com API is very powerful feature reach utility and this extensions takes advantage of it.

Manyof you may be wandering, why you need to use USPS through Stamps.com and not directly?

There are some key benefits and few of them are- discounted shipping rates, discounted insurance and great support provided by Stamps.Com.

To use this extension, you need to have accounts at USPS and Stamps.com website and latest wordpress and woocomemrce installed on your domain. After installation, you will be ableto directly get rates, print shippiung labels, cancel order and label, refunds and top up your account at Stamps.Com.

Current version:1.9.0
Last updated:2022-11-03