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WooCommerce Splash Popup  Extension

WooCommerce Splash Popup Extension is one of the best extension for woocommerce which was developed specifically with marketing in mind. We have been using it for our woocommerce stores on almost each and every website. Two of the plugins which have tremendous impact on increasing sales are WooCommerce Socila Login and WooCommerce Splash Popup. Weather you want to display some important offer notice, featured product or give incentive to your customer for subscribing your newsletter, WooCommerce Social Popup will allow you to achieve any of your objective.

For example, any customer coming to your website for the first time and you want them to subscribe to your newsletter. You can define in this extension and this will throw newsletter subscription form to first time visitor only and will not show that to anyone else like your customer or logged in user. Also if you have just launched a new product or have a great offering on any of your existing product, you will be able to showcase them to your existing customers or new visitors.

Amazing this regarding this extension is that it gives you full control on who will see what so you will not have to worry about annoying your visitors or customers by throwing unnecessary popups to them. Though it is not very costly extension and have been priced very reasonable but it can definitely improve your marketing strategy.

Current version:1.4.1
Last updated:2022-08-19