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WooCommerce Software Addon Extension

WooCommerce Software Addon: So far woocommerce was used by digital product sellers but they never had a option to restrict the usage of that digital product and hence use was limited to ebooks and digital services. But with the introduction of WooCommerce Software Addon now, any kind of produt or software which has a license linked to it can be sold and managed by WooCommerce.

Creating a software product is very simple and you need to follow basic woocommerce process and select software at product parameter box. Here you will be able to define various rules and also price for your software. You can also describe your product attributes like version number during the process. Here you will be able to define number of licenseactivations, prefix for licenses and so on..

If you want to provide upgrade support also, you can do so as well using the same item property box. Now once your product is ready and listed, your customer will be able to purchase product as usual and after checkout is complete, they will receive separate email with their license key to use for activation of software.

WooCommerce Software Addon: it also adds number of reports and order managment screens to your woocommerce dashboards. So you will be able to see total number of sales, number of activations and also manage license keys. You will have power to generate license keys manually as well. From the same page your existing customer will be able to see upgrade price and procedures and can purchase.

Current version:1.9.1
Last updated:2023-06-07