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WooCommerce Social Login

Remembering a multiple user ID and password is one of the biggest headache all online buyers are facing and it would be very helpful to both store owner and buyer to use only one user id and password for their accounts and that is also of their preferred social network which they use everyday so very less possibility of forgetting.

Till now WooCommerce did not support this feature but they have recently introduced a WooCommerce Social Plugin to allow buyers to login using their social network id and password. There are plenty of advantages for you as a store owner. First, customer will be at peace as they are login via social network so they are assured that privacy is maintained. Second, checkout process will be much faster as they will not have to fill up lengthy registration form of woocommerce. Thirs, customer will more likely to come back and purchase from you as they will be logging in using social network so that most probably they will not forget their passwords.

WooCommerce Social Login also allows your current customers to connect their social network with their user profiles and hence they can also use this feature in the future. Plus set up is very simple and it will take hardly few minutes for you to install and configure the plugin.

Current version:2.15.1
Last updated:2024-03-20