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WooCommerce Smart Coupons Extension: 

This is an excellent alternative or addition to woocommerce inbuilt coupon function. WooCOmmerce Smart Coupons is perfect solution if you want to customize delivery of coupons. You can create coupons in bulk and send them to your subscribers or customers. It also gives capability to include coupon codes in URL so that they can directly click the URL and apply coupon. That is not all, it also aloows you to design your coupon code and send them as gift certificate.

WooCOmmerce Smart coupons comes with bundles of features:

  • You can create coupons as gift certificates
  • You can also create product specific coupons so that customer purchaisng that poduct gets coupon by email.
  • You can import coupons and settings via CSV files.
  • You can bulk create and bulk edit coupions
  • You can create and send coupons specific to customer so that only he/she can use the coupon. Anyone else trying to use coupon will get error message.
  • You can easily create coupons using known interface of woocommerce. It also comes with Visual editor so that you can always in control of design.
Current version:8.18.0
Last updated:2024-03-14