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WooCommerce ShipWire Extension

WooCommerce shipwire extension :  Shipwireis one of the very good shipping and fulfillment agency having huge numbers of warehouses all across globe from USA, Europe, Australia to Asia. And now they have a great connection software with WooCommerce. For all of those who are looking for easy, simple and cost effective method for order management and fulfillment here is a great opportunity. WooCOmmerce Shipwire extension will allow you to seamlessly connect your woocommerce store with woocommerce order management and integrate them with each other seamlessly.

Once you install this extension and complete set up using required API keys and other details, you are all set to import export your order details to and from Shipwire. Once this is done, you will be able to decide, which countries you want to include in shipwire shipping and which ones to exclude. You can also receive live quotes directly from shipwire and display them to your customer in order management area. Once your order has been sent to Shipwire, it will be fulfilled automatically using nearest warehouse and various details like packing, shipping and tracking will be automatically updated to backend as well as customer order information page. Your customer will be able to track the shipment from their account page as well.

As such Shipwire is a third party services hence first of all you need to have account with them to utilize power of this extension and also your buyer must be in servicable area of their shipping service.

Current version:2.5.4
Last updated:2020-05-0