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WooCommerce Shipment Tracking Extension

WooCommerce shipment tracking is very useful extension and will save you lot of time energy by reducing customer queries. After installation, you will find a new box with Shipment information on individual order back end scree. After sipment, you need to enter Shipmet carrier, tracking number  and specific remarkes if any.

Once you update shipping information, thie extension will immediately email your customer regarding update of this information with tracking instruction. This information will be available i customer’s my account page and review order page as well so that they can access them anywhere they want.

WooCommerce Shipment Tracking comes with a support for tracking of major shipping carriers like UPS, USPS, Fedex, DHl, Austria Post etcc. For full list of supported carriers please visit official page here.

Your customer will have access to link with one click tracking so they just need to open link url and they will see status of their shipment. This will enhance their experience and your credibility. You can also define default shipment carrier in the dashboard and even change it latter on if you wish.

On one of our website, we have implemented this extension and our service query request for “Where is my Item?” has dropped significantly.

Current version:2.2.1
Last updated:2023-03-10