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WooCommerce Sequential Order Numbers Pro

Confuesed with the random order numbers generated by WooCommerce? Many a times it is confusing to see orders with very random numbers coming up in woocommerce and you need to keep tracking what exactly is being happening there. This extension will allow you to generate sequential order numbers instead of random numbers.

Installation of lugin is very simple. You just need to download file, install and activate. After that in woocommerce settings, you will be able to configure it as per your requirement. You can select starting number form now onwards. You can also choose prefix and suffix to order numbers to make it more custom and fitting to your store names.

You can also benefited from other numbering patterns it provides. For example if you want to add date, month or year to your order numbers or even timings can be added to your order numbers. It also provides functionality of removing free product from sequence and you can create different sequence for free product by adding different prefixes and suffix. IF you are using WooMobile application for Android or iOS, this extension will be a great help and they both support each other nicely.

Current version:1.19.0
Last updated:2022-11-23