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WooCommerce Sales Report Email

There are numbers of sellers who are using WooCommerce to tun their online store and many of them are finding it difficult to keep track of sales. Currently WooCommerce sends you email for each and every order you have on your online store and store with huge numbers of sales a day, finding difficult to keep track of these indivudal sales. Further they are not so useful in terms of getting statistics of store sales. If you want to see statistics of your online woocommerce store, you need to enter backend and see them. Loging in to the backend and clicking and loading few pages will be a big headache for people who are travelling.

So here is a perfect solution for you. WooCommerce Sales Report Email. After installing and activating this extension, you will be able to configure how you want your reports and this tiny extension will email you your sales report depending on your settings. You can choose to receive emails daily, weekly or monthly. Your sales report will be in your inbox sitting for you to analyse. Further this will help you getting your sales report copies on cloud so that you can analyse them in future dates.

Latter on, you can use these reports to see, which products are not performing well as compare to earlier and which products are performing better in comparison. These analysis will help you determine strategies and marketing targets.

Current version:1.2.1
Last updated:2023-03-10