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WooCommerce Sale Flash Pro Extension

WooCommerce Sale Flash Pro: WooCommerce as such comes with a feature to show regular price of item and sale price of item and when you define them in product data box, it will show as strikeout price in front end. If you look at the WOoGang website also you will see similar feature with two prices. One is regular price and another is sale price. But many a times our customer have asked us the meaning of it as it does not clarify what it means.

We personally feel that if you are providing a discount on your items, it must be clearly visible on your product display and should catch attention of your buyer. If you fail in doing so, you may be loosing many of possible sales. WooCommerce Sale Flash pro has been created to solve this issue and make your product sales in a exciting new way which will be guaranteed to catch your customers’ eyes.

Once you have installed WooCommerce Sale Flash Pro, you will have capability to define global sales flash or per product sales flash. Plus you will be able to define what sort of Sale flash you want to display. You can either display amount discount or percentage discount or both and you will have full control on how it looks in frontend.

Current version:1.3.0
Last updated:2023-05-26