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WooCommerce Royal Mail Extension

WooCommerce Royal Mail Extension :  Here is a good news for all our members based in United Kingdom. Yes now you can offer your customer rates directly from Royal Mail to your customer. Royal Mail is one of the most efficient and popular shipping service in United Kingdom and we are proud to bring this extension for our members. The main points is even though Royal Mail does not provide and API to communicate with their server, we have been able to successfully develop an extension that lets you acheive this functionality by packing all rates into extension. So there is no complicated API settings.

Further it offers you all services offered by Royal Mail and you can easily change the rates as per your wish. Even you can add more prices if you wish. You can even customize name of services and which services to show is totally in your control. Definitely there are some requirements to use WoocCommerce Royal Mail extension and two of the major them are that your base country and base currency should be UK and GBP respectively.

WooCOmmerce Royal Mail also offers you flexibility of shipping items either individually or in box rate. So it is most versatile shipping extension ever developed for woocommerce.

Current version:3.2.1
Last updated:2024-03-20