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WooCommerce Role Based Payment Shipping Method  Extension

WooCommerce Role Based Payment Shipping Method Extension will empower you to define fixed rules that will manage which shipping and payment gateways are avaialble to specific user roles. WordPresss and woocomemrce comes with user management function and there are very few woocommerce extensions which are using this features. Further threr is a very good extension called WooCommerce Groups which gives further control over users and can be classified in different group and will have different powers.

WooCommerce Role Based Payment Shipping Method uses this great feature and gives you control which features are available to which user groups. For example, if you are running storefront and have many shop managers as user roles. Now using this extension, you will able to control which payment gateways they can offer and which shipping methods they can offer. Also if your customer is checking out as guest, you will be able to control payment gateways they can use.

Installing and using the plugin is very easy and after activation the extension, you will be presented with simple settings where you will see different roles and different methods. You just need to check boxes against each role.

Current version:2.4.3
Last updated:2022-01-26