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WooCommerce Returns and Warranty Request:

This woocommerce extension is a very helpful tool to increse trust in your buyers. Show them warranty terms during purchase so they know exactly what they are purchasing and what will happen if product has any issues. This flexible extension empower you to define terms and conditions for warranty for each product. Further you can also sell extended warranty with this amazingly tiny yet powerful woocommerce extension.

Not only that WooCommerce Returns and Warranty Request allows you to manage warranties and returns request along with full fledged control of RMAs in backend in a simple and intuitive way. Now you no longer require to move around to keep track of all returns and RMAs. It also comes inbuilt with emailing system whcih will be very useful during any changes happening to RMA status. It will keep you informed whatever happens.

It also integrates perfectly in customer account page from where they can carry out all procedures with ease. This will enhance their buying experience at your store and ultimately will increase their trust in you. It also lets you communicate with buyer just exchange pics and messages that will help you sort out warranties faster.

Current version:2.1.8
Last updated:2023-05-25