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WooCommerce Redsys Extension

WooCommerce Redsys Payment Gateway Extension :  If you are based in Spain and not using Redsys, you may be loosing 88% of your customer as ap per the recent data from surveys are suggestive of that RedSys along covers almost 88% of market share in spain. And when you are using woocommerce and working with customers in Spain, you can not afford to neglect Redsys. Now integration between woocomemrce and Redsys is even very easy using this cool woocomemrce redsys extension developed by woothemes.

As such there are some basic requirements of using this extension. You need to have Redsys account and also you need to have contract with your bank for integration of same. There are some very basic self explainatory settings and configuration steps you will be presented after installation and once youhave completed them, you are almost ready to take huge advantage of what Redsys has to offer.

One cool feature is that it is fully compatible with WPML and if you are using it, your customer will be redirected to their preferred language page on Redsys gateway so you will never ever loose any of your customer due to language issues. Further WooThemes Docs page has extensive documentation for same and you will be easily able to set up and troubleshoot any problem you encounter during the whole process.

Current version:25.0.1
Last updated:2024-03-20