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WooCommerce QuickBooks POS Integration

eCreations offers WooCommerce QuickBooks POS integration that streamlines order and inventory management.

Seamlessly transfer orders, customers and inventory to your QuickBooks software and keep you website’s pricing and inventory levels up to date and synced.

With our experience, we’ll handle your WooCommerce QuickBooks POS integration and we’ll make sure your online store will:

  • Send completed orders to QuickBooks POS
  • Auto-Create WooCommerce Customers in QuickBooks
  • Map Payment Methods, Sales Tax Settings, Departments, Price Levels and more between the two systems
  • Auto-create WooCommerce products in your POS system
  • Sync inventory AND pricing from your Point of Sale to your store. Once you receive new stock in QuickBooks, it’ll update the quantity on your website as well
  • Per-product syncing – if you only want to sync some of the products and not all, you can do that. Each product has a syncing on / off switch
  • Maintain separate pricing levels for brick-and-mortar sales and your website
Current version:1.5.2
Last updated:2017-01-11