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WooCommerce Quick View Extension

WooCommerce Quick View Extension :  Have you ever required a plugin for your woocomemrce store which gives quick access to product details from any page like homepage or archive page without leaving that page? You may be wondering why someone needs this kind of features? I also felt so when we discovered this extension for the first time. But soon after that we have received many requests to include this extension in our club and i asked the same questions to all my members. And surprisingly what we learned is that majority of them need this function just to improve user experience and to enhance their trust in customer by showing them products in very nice cool lightbox effect without loading pages.

Yes after installing this extension, you will be able to show a quick view button on each product in loop display. When a customer clicks of button, full product details will be shown to customer in very cool modal effect. Customer can easily add item to cart from there or just close the modal and continue from where he left. It also gives you flexibility to customize Quick View button design as well as text to suit design and typography of your website.

Current version:1.6.0
Last updated:2022-05-25