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WooCommerce Purchase Order Gateway

Since the starting of woocomemrce way back years, we have seen many new modifications to it via great extensions. First came WooCOmmerce Subscription which allowed us to sell subscription. Than came digital downloads for virtual products. Lastly we seen WooCOmmerce Bookings and Tickets which has empowered woocommerce to sell appointments and event tickets.

Here is a very simple yet very useful woocommerce modifying extension that will empower you to receive purchase orders via woocommerce and by that way complete basic documentation of agreement. WooCommerce Purchase Order Gateway comes with its own settings section which is fully integrated in woocommerce settings and here you can do your configuration like message to buyers and how it will be presented.

After you complete basic settings, your customer will see option for selecting purchase order to you along with various details like purchase order number and date. This is one of the important aspect for sellers who wants to complete agreement to buy before buyer actually pays for item and hence to avoid legal consequences at latter stage.

Current version:1.4.3
Last updated:2023-07-05