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WooCommerce Products of the Day

WooCommerce Products of the Day Extension :  Which is one of the best place to advertize your product? Is it Google, Yahoo or MSN? Or is it Facebook or Twitter? There are many ways you can market and promote your products online but if you ask me this question my answer would be that best place to promote your product is your own website. Many a times we become so busy in promoting our products on various sources that we forget to promote them on our own website. But what if you can simply define your products as Products of the Day for each day of week and your promotion is being take care by automatically.

WooCommerce Products of the day has two functions. One is where you can define products for each day of week and another is a handy widget which will display them in your website’s sidebar. Plus you have all the capability to customize designs and looks of widget. This extension has been used on WooGang for last couple of months and we have started to see some great results. We have seen that now customers are adding multiple items to their cart and most of the time second item comes from this widget.

Current version:1.2.0
Last updated:2017-09-12