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WooCommerce Product Vendors Extension:

This amazing tool make your webstore complete solution for vendors. In recent days you will come across many websites where more than one sellers are selling item and most of them are taking advantage of this woocommerce product vendors extension. Making your woostore a complete vendor solution is just 5 minute task using this. You can control how many vendors you want to allow on your woostore and you can also control which products can vendors sell and whcih they can not.

Plus allvendors will have dedicated pages for their products and you can decide weather their product should appear on your store pages so that you can take advantage of selling alongwith their products. This in turn is great extension which will allow you to take advantage of other sellers product and earn commission from sell of their product. What is more important is that you can control commission for each product.

Vendors will have advnatage of seeling their products and they can always access their sell reports from my account page. So it is beneficial to both you and vendor. This woocommerce product vendors extensions gives exhaustive lists of settings, configurations and reports along with various shortcodes for great designing. That means now do not restrict yourself to your own products but market and encourage others product and earn some extra money from that.

Current version:2.1.79
Last updated:2023-06-15