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WooCommerce Product Search Extension

WooCommerce Product Search Extension :  As such WooCommerce itself comes with very good searching utility built in but for many of us are still not satisfied and as a human being needs more control and features. And this is the reason why developers are always working hard to give you more and more. WooCommerce Product Search Extension is the result of same. One of the most critical feaature we all wanted in woocommerce search was instant search results and developers have listened us and included this in this powerful extension.

Along with this it is packed with improved protocol for search which will give more relevant results for any search queries and also gives you more filters and sorting feature to give more searching power to customers. It comes with a power packed widget which gives you plenty of options to play with. Also there is a detailed shortcodes and APIs which can be used to extend this extension further and make it more useful and productive for both your customer and you.

Setting up extension is also very easy. Just install the extension and activate the widget and tweak settings that suits your website.

Current version:4.13.1
Last updated:2023-05-26