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WooCommerce Product Reviews Pro

WooCommerce Product Reviews Pro :  Reviews has been greatly integrated into woocommerce but many a times having a review system with much much powerful features will have great customer experience as well as SEo value. Just look at Amazon website and their review system. It is one of the most powerful system we have seen so far. Many of the amazon products have more than 1000 reviews and it becomes sometimes difficult to get insight of this reviews. JUst to overcome this hurdle, amazon offers you filtering reviews based on various criterias. Isn’t that cool?

Yes, now you can also provide your cutomers with similar features on your woocommerce store using this powerful WooCommerce Product Reviews Pro extension. This will completely replace existing Reviews system in woocommerce and will give you bunch of new functions to play with. Not just text reviews but you can also give power of asking question, posting videos and pictures to your visitors. This will generate bunch of new content for you and will have great SEO impact. You have all flexibility to modify or delete reviews as per your choice and requirements.

It also gives power of sorting reviews depending on various criterias like sorting based on best reviews, reviews from varified buyers, negative reviews and so on…

Current version:1.18.0
Last updated:2022-12-03