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WooCommerce Product Retailers Extension :

WooCOmmerce itself offers you to sell external products on your store but you can not sell and link to retailer at the same time. And hence this extension was developed looking at the requirement of promoting and selling items from online retailers.  After installing the extensions you just need to fill up required details to get you on track. Give all retailers and distributors details and websites and than link each and every product you want to list using this features.

Your customer will see a nice tiny dropdown box asking them to choose their preferred retailer to buy product from. You can also give option to customer for preferred place of purchase. They can either purchase on your store itself or they can go to retailer’s website and buy from there. In both ways, you going to have money.

For Example, if you are a book publisher, you can use many different places to sell your work. You can directly sell them on your website and at the same time give customer an option to go to Amazon or any other online book store to purchase your book. Similar way you can also use affiliates functionality using same feature.

WooCOmmerce Product Retailers Extension comes with support for both simple and variable products and you are in full control on button text looks on your website.

Current version:1.17.0
Last updated:2023-07-05