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WooCommerce Product Gallery Slider

WooCommerce as such comes with very simple and neat product gallery slideshow but for many of us with high end websites full of graphics and high end design, this simple presentation may not usually fit into overall design of our website. WooCommerce Product Gallery Slider is a simple yet very effective extensions for woocommerce product gallery which will transform your product gallery into a fully responsive, jQuery powered slideshow.

After installation and playing with very simple and basic set up procedures, you will be able to display product gallery using jquery. Overall benefit will be that your customer will be able to navigate very fast through product gallery and will provide them all the features like zoom and move. Ultimately, this will increase user experience of your website and this may lead to overall increase in sales.

Not only that, this extension support responsive design so weather customer is looking at your website on PC or smartphone, they will always see best of your website. This extension is also packed with useful configuration features like disabling it per product and choose various animation methods.

WooCommerce Slider is avaialbale for purchase from WooGang as a separate extension or you can purchase our woogang club subscription and enjoy as many as more than 50 extension at just $15/month.

Current version:1.4.2
Last updated:2017-04-05