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WooCommerce Product Finder  Extension

WooCommerce Product Finder Extension is one of the best search extension for woocommerce store. Suppose if you have a store selling thaousands of items and many of those products are very similar in certain parameters like category or name, you customer will be annoyed when they search for item and see many unnecessary items in search results. WooCommerce inbuilt search function is as such enough for small to medium size woocommerce stores but can give confusing results if it is a big store selling tens of thousands of items.

This may be a issue for many and can lead to decreasing sales as your customer is not reaching to a place they desire even if you are selling it. Bu no more now… WooCOmmerce Product Finder extension will solve this issue and will give you control of what your customers will see when they search for items. After installing and activating this extension, you will be able to define various product criteria for search box. These criteria can be colors, size, category, price or anything else you can imagine.

You can put this advanced search box using provided widget which will perfectly fits in your sidebar and your customer will be able to search for the items they desire with just few clicks. They can redefine the criteria and price slider and find items as per their requirement and price affordability.

Current version:1.3.0
Last updated:2023-04-13