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WooCommerce Product Enquiry Form Extension

WooCommerce Product Enquiry Form: Building a credible online store is a big challenge and any small move towards increasing customer satisfaction and trust will go long way in your success as online seller. This extension is specifically created for that purpose. After installing and activating the extension, it will add Produict Enquiry tab to each and every product on your online store.

This can be very easily done with the use of WooCommerce Tab Manager and Gravity forms or any other contact form plugin but this extension is specifically created for that purpose you will not need to add multiple plugin to achieve this functionality. It also comes with handy security features like captcha so that you do not receive spams from bots or freak visitors.

When someone has any query regarding your item, they will have easy access to product enquiry tab and once they fill up the tab, this extension will send enquiry to your email which you have specified in settings. From there you can directly keep in touch with your seller. This is an important aspect as you are providing opportunity to your buyer to resolve their queries before hand and they can take informed decision regarding there purchase. Ultimately this will reduce refunds and returns that you will have to face otherwise.

Current version:1.2.24
Last updated:2022-06-08