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WooCommerce Product Documents Extension

WooCommerce Product Documents: Many a times buyers are reluctant to purchase item if they do not have complete knowledge regarding itm and that has been a big barrier for expensive items. But what if you empower them by providing all required knowledge and how to guides? Yes!! if they understand what product is and how to use product, chances are that they will be more likely to purchase item.

WooCommerce Product Documents extension will be your best friend to create this functionality to woocommerce store. This extension will allow you to create tabs for various documentation you offer to buyer regarding items. You can customize heading of each tab as per your wish. For example if you are selling furnitures on your woocommerce store but if you do not provide them exact dimensions and how to assembel guide, buyer will be hesitant to purchase from you. And now you can create simple PDF files or just using HTML you can now provide all these details right on your woocommerce listing page.

WooCommerce Product Documents is packed with great flexibility so you can choose either to show tabs or you can use widget to display them in your sidebar. And if you are not happy with these two it also provides shortcode which can be used anywhere as per your choice.

Current version:1.15.0
Last updated:2023-06-29