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WooCommerce Product CSV Import Suite Extension:

This is a must extension for every woocommerce store as this will greatly reduce amount of energy spent on developing product pages and also if you want take backup of all your product in most simplest way. Afterall, you have done all hard work by creating nice and exhaustive website with store, you can not miss the great opportunity to add more products faster to grow your store and back the up for future. With help of WooCOmmerce Product CSV Import Suite, you can import end numbers of Products into your WooCommerce store and not only titles and pictures, you can important all important fields like prices, descriptions, images etc, Import custom fields (meta), taxonomies, attributes and more.

It also supports easy importing product variations and not only that it also empowers you to merge products. How it works is simple. You just need to install this extension on your woocommerce store, and configure some basic settings in backend. After that you will see two tabs in your woocommerce—-> import csv admin menu. In Import Tab, you can use functionality of importing products in bulk from CSV file and in Export tab, you can export your product datas in CSV File.

When you import CSV file, this extension will map your each columns in CSV file with each product data fields in your store. Definitely, it is not as simple as it seems. As Product CSV Import Suit follows some standard criteria, you need to follow them while creating CSV files to be successful in importing. All Column headings needs to be in perfect order otherwise your import will fail.

To backup all your products, you needs to simply go to export. This exported file can be kept safely as you may require latter in case of crach. Also you can import exported CSV to another woocommerce installation for faster website creation.

Current version:1.10.59
Last updated:2023-06-10