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Product Description

WooCommerce Product Bundles Extension is a very cool extension which will design your product bundle of products. You will be able to create bundles using any combination of simple, variable & downloadable products and display them in most diligent way on your woocommerce store. This is a best alternative to WooCommerce Composite Products Extension which is more exhaustive and more dynamic. You can achieve similar functionality using woocommerce function called Grouped product. But it has its own limitations which are removed in product bundles extension. Hence this will be the best extension for creating bundle of products.

This extension will allow you to define bundles and even define other parameters like mode of shipping, rate of shipping. Depending on bundles and depending on customer selection, they will be reflected during checkout process. As a result you can easily keep track of your inventories, define quantities of items in bundle, includes product variations in bundles. Furthermore you can also  customize look of bundle product on website,  change description depending on selected bundle, shipping method selection etc. within a very simple user interface.

Current version:6.22.1
Last updated:2023-07-07