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WooCommerce Pre Orders Extension:

Take control of all your products which are coming soon. Start earning money before hand and also get idea how many people are interested in purchasing your upcoming item, Also good way to promote product before launch to recover your initial development cost. You can simply create product as you do in woocommerce with little extra fields in Pre Order subpanel in Product Data Box.

This tiny yet powerful extesion is very easu to setup. Just upload from wordpress plugin dashborad as usual and activate. Once you have activated the plugins, you will see all awesomeness of plugin here and there. We recently tested this plugin on WooGang and launched few products with preorder criteria. To our surprise, we have received even more orders for pre orders than we thought and we had to launch product earlier that we intended to.

WooCommerce Pre orders thogh support two types of orders. In first customer pays for full amount while ordering and he/she will be informed when product is available and shipped. In second one customer will be charged on day of lauch and at the same time they will be informed via email. The key differnece between two is first method is acceptable by majority of payment gateways while second method which is also called automatic payment is supported by only few payment gateways.

Current version:2.0.1
Last updated:2023-04-17