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WooCommerce Pickingpal Extension

WooCommerce PickingPal: For any webstore owner managing huge number of sales and items in warehouse is one of the biggest dilemna and leads to many issues like wrong item dispatch and returns and cost incurred due to them. Not only that one mistake can cost you a loss of a customer for life long and no one can afford this in this competitive world. Good news is that there are many order management and fulfillment services available and can be of tremendous help in such situations.

WooCommerce Pickingpal is one of the best so far we have seen and as described by themself and tested by us, their accuracy is unmatched with any one else in current market. Using the accuracy of this extension, you will never face issues like shipping incomplete order or shipping wrong item. You just need to scan barcode and pickingpal will help you in mamging other things accurately.

WooCommerce PickingPal also comes with great features like audio visual indicators, excell export tools, invoice printing tools and capability to even work without barcode scanner. It also guides you step by step from selecting item to varify item and quantity so that you will never send wrong item or miss any item in order.

Current version:1.3.0
Last updated:2017-05-14