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WooCommerce Photography

WooCommerce Photography : WooCommerce is gradually becoming more and more mature and now offering a flecibility that will suit almost all types of sellers and here is latest from them. Now it is al about photographers and using this nice extension specially crafted for woocommerce, all photographers can sell their productions and photographs using one of the most powerful online selling platform.

Yes!! WooCommerce Photography Extension will make your life super simple and after just installing and playing with few settings, you will be amazed how simple it can be to sell your photos online. That is not all, you have perfect fit with woocommerce, so your customer will have trust of security and user friendly checkout process. Further it is also compatible with one of the best seeling extension, WooCommerce Product addons and with the combination of these three- woocommerce, product addons and photography extension, you will be able to offer your customer more addon services like frames, album covers, DVDs etc.. So there are endless possibilities.

WooCommerce Photography comes with super easy bulk uploader which one of the most powerful feature and uploading hugr size files will become more simpler and easier. Yes we know how painful it is to upload single files to your online store and that is why this has been specifically created. You can also restrict your collection for only authorized buyers or can be open to anyone for purchase. Plus you have all the flexibilities woocommerce so you can create end numbers of variations for your product.

Current version:1.1.1
Last updated:2023-01-13