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WooCommerce Per Product Shipping Extension

WooCommerce Per Product Shipping: WooCommerce is one one of the very powerful feature packed online selling platform but when it comes to more complex functions, they have made extensions and unfortunately they are paid and not free like woocommerce is. In built shipping function in woocommerce is very basic and you can not customize to a great extent. For example you have 100 product where you have flat shipping rate anywhere in world but you have 3 products which are more complex and you wanted to define different shipping rates for each country for these products.

If you are using woocommerce only, there is no way you can define this but using WooCommerce Per Product Shipping extension you will be able to acheive similar functionality. After installing and activation the extension, just go to global settings page and define your standalone shipping method and after that when you create or edit product, you will see a tiny box for the settings for that individual product where you can define extra shipping settings for each country.

Further, it also allows you to export and import shipping rates directly using CSV and that make it more user friendly. So this process will not consume your much of time and you will be able to list your items with complex settings very fast.

Current version:2.4.1
Last updated:2023-02-04