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WooCommerce PDF Product Vouchers:

Ever needed a tool that not only gives your business a physical identity? Here is a tiny yet exciting extension that will allow you to create nice looking vouchers for your products which can be utilized for many purposes. For example if you are selling services which are not immediately deliverable. You can simply send them Voucher after payment and give them all the information regarding services they are going to receive in near future from you.

You can also create nicely designed PDF vouchers for your physical goods and allow customer to download them and look into all specifications and other terms and condition before they purchase the item This will create a good impression amongst your customer and will also promote your brand identity.

This vouchers can even be personalised with customer names and address. Further it can also be personalised for sending gifts to other people. Very small code yet gives you so many possibilities. These are just examples of what you can achieve from this WooCommerce Product PDF Vouchers. You can use it for many other functions. Please share with us if you are using it uniquely. We are always eager to see some unique ideas and here is your chance to show your creativity.

Current version:3.12.3
Last updated:2024-03-20