About the Download

The WooCommerce Paytrail plugin (formerly Suomen Verkkomaksut) extends WooCommerce allowing you to take payments via Paytrail payment portal. You need to register for a contract with Paytrail to use this plugin.

Setup and Configuration

First, you must log in to your Paytrail account and copy your Merchant ID and Merchant Secret / Password. These are necessary to link your Paytrail account to this plugin. You’ll save this information on the plugin settings page.

Extension Settings

You can configure the plugin from WooCommerce > Settings > Checkout > Paytrail.

  • Enable / Disable – This will enable the gateway to be used by customers to checkout.
  • Title – This is the text shown for the payment during checkout and on the Order Received page.
  • Description – This is the text shown under the title during checkout. Limited HTML is allowed. If you enable test mode, this section will also display a notice.
  • Debug Log – Enable this to log Paytrail events to the error log — you can show logged responses on checkout, save them to the System Status log, or both. As a best practice and to maximize performance, please only enable this if you are experiencing issues with the plugin.
  • Merchant ID – This is the ID assigned to you by Paytrail and can be found by logging in to your Paytrail Account.
  • Merchant Secret – Enter the Paytrail Merchant Secret password from your Paytrail Account.
  • Use extended info – Enable this option to send extended user info to Paytrail instead of just sending the amount for payment.
  • Language – Set the language to use for the pay page (Finnish, English, or Swedish).
Current version:2.8.0
Last updated:2020-12-03